A brand of Qualstar, N2Power specializes in the design and manufacturer of very robust, quality-driven, ultra-small, power-dense, and highly-efficient AC-DC power supplies from 5W to 3000W, and DC-DCs from 125 to 275W within industry-specific series such as Medical EN60601-1 approved, and Industrial DIN rail-mounted modules. Many N2Power products exceed 93% efficiency, increasing reliability and lowering or eliminating cooling requirements. Typical power densities are 15 watts per cubic inch, saving size and weight. During N2Power’s 12-year history, it has met a multitude of OEM’s demands for explicit features and power requirements utilizing standard, modified standard, or custom solutions for a variety of markets; including ITE, Industrial, Medical, Test & Instrumentation, Gaming, & Embedded. All products have a plethora of compliance certifications to address sales into a wide range of countries.



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It's Easy to Over-Specify Your AC/DC Supply - But You Shouldn't

White Paper

Improving Efficiency on AC-DC Power Supplies

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