Bivar, Inc. is a leading specialty manufacturer of Enclosure Hardware, LED Indication, and LED Lighting products and solutions that enhance the value of high technology. Their products display practicality and are designed to meet the increased demand for new technology across a growing range of applications. Whether it's a custom solution, off-the-shelf standard, or to help you transition from traditional to more energy efficient, long-lifespan LED lighting, Bivar is known as a trusted provider with a broad range of expertise, and a long-standing history of quality and innovation in the electronics industry.


Bivar t PipesRigid Ligh

New Rigid Light Pipes

Three new press-fit front-mount light pipes from Bivar bring LED indication to the panel.


PM5-M124 Series. Smart Sensor Metal Panel Mount Indicators

This unique technology automatically senses and adjusts for appropriate light output and intensity in ambient lighting conditions to make the LED auto dim in dark lighting and sunlight readable in bright lighting.


Nylon Card Guides

Nylon Card Guides with Conductive Grounding Clips and Static Dissipative Clips

Universal Conductive Snap-In Card Guides from Bivar address the growing demand for a solution for improved ESD protection during the process of insertion and removal of Printed Circuit Boards containing static sensitive Electronic Components.


Bivar - Moving Light to the Front Panel

Bivar - Moving Light to the Front Panel

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