Schurter is a progressive innovator and manufacturer of Fuses, Circuit Breakers, Connectors, EMC Filters and Input Systems (switches) for the electronics industry. For over 75 years, Schurter components have helped ensure safe supply of power and make the interface between human and machine easier. Primary markets include IT/Telecom, Aerospace, Medical, Instrumentation and Industrial.



CEE Connector with Filter for 1 and 3-Phase Applications

Schurter introduces a range of power entry modules which meet IEC 60309. Rated 110/125/250VAC at up to 32A.

Multicolor Switches with Status Display

Metal Line Switches with Multicolor illumination and variable input voltage.

MSM LA CS: robust metal pushbutton switch with ceramic actuator surface

SCHURTER is pleased to announce the expansion of the MSM CS family to include the new latching action version MSM LA CS.

Innovative Touch-safe Cover for 10.3x38 Fuses

SCHURTER is pleased to introduce the ESO 10.3x38 touch-safe fuse cover designed to safely and securely insert and extract 10.3x38 mm fuses.

T9 circuit breaker now available for PCB mounting

SCHURTER’s T9 fuseholder style thermal circuit breaker series is now expanded to include Model T9-818 for PCB mounting.

Shock-Safe Fuseholder Series is UL Rated 16A @ 400 VAC

SCHURTER is pleased to announce the FPG fuseholder series with increased ratings up to 16A @ 400 VAC.

Compact Power Connector is Now V-Lock Compatible

SCHURTER is pleased to announce, that its compact KEA series power entry module, with 1- or 2-pole fuseholder, now mates with V-Lock cord sets.

Making power distribution assemblies easy, quick and safe

SCHURTER's 6610 is the first of its kind appliance outlet using IDC terminal technology.

Compact 2-Stage EMI Line Filter Offers Three Design Configurations

SCHURTER is pleased to present its new compact, high grade EMI-Filter, series FMBB NEO for one phase systems.


Robust Circuit Breaker, T12-MSM, with Design Appeal

SCHURTER announces the T12-MSM, a unique combination of a reliable circuit breaker and a robust metal switch.

New SMD Fuse with 1500A Breaking Capacity

SCHURTER is extending its family of Universal Modular Fuses to include a version with 1500A breaking capacity.

5123 Compact filtered inlet boasts maximum attenuation

SCHURTER's latest 5123 series filtered inlet adds filter performance to the already successful standard version 5120 series.

V-Lock: plug-retention safeguard for IEC appliance inlets and cord sets

SCHURTER is continually expanding its standard line of power-inlet connectors and cord sets for the V-Lock system.

SCHURTER Introduces Hospital Grade V-Lock Cordsets

SCHURTER expands on its standard range of V-Lock power cords to include two types designed to ensure patient safety in critical medical and dental applications.

IEC appliance inlet GSP4 for print circuit boards

SCHURTER has developed anew 16 A appliance inlet for efficient mounting. Designed for print circuitboard mounting.

V-Lock Power Cords Latch into IEC Connectors and Power Entry Modules

SCHURTER proudly announces the addition of the V-Lock cord retaining system, an attractive and simple solution for appliance couplers and power entry modules according to IEC 60320, styles C14 and C20.

New UMF 250 Quick-Acting SMD Fuse

SCHURTER expanded its line of surface-mount fuses with the introduction of the Universal Modular Fuse, UMF 250.


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Schurter Electronic Components

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Power Entry Modules with Filter

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