Self-Sealing Fasteners

  • O-Ring Type Screws and Nuts
  • Pre-Applied Sealants

IRWIN provides a wide range of solutions for self-sealing fasteners.

Screws and nuts with pre-assembled O-ring seals

Economical alternatives such as pre-applied sealants.

Thin metal solutions

Positive seals for up to 500 PSI

Crushable mastics to fill and seal holes

APM Self Sealing Fastener and Washer Tutorial

Self-sealing fasteners. Threadlockers and self-sealing washers, MIL MS3212, 3213, high pressure, reusable, vibration-resistant.
12 pages [2.5mB]

Self-sealing washers, UL recognized, vibration-resistant, for electrical and mechanical environantal applications.
1 page [230kB]

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