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RoHS, REACH, and other related environmental standards are expanding in scope, and a non-compliance ruling can be a financial and legal nightmare. Relying on Certificates of Compliance alone may not be accepted as sufficient evidence of conformance. Most of the directives will require the demonstration of more adequate due diligence to ensure that the legislative requirements are being met.

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IRWIN Industrial uses X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF) technology to facilitate the analysis of multiple materials and coatings for restricted substances. X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry is generally accepted as perhaps the best first-level, non-destructive screening method available.

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You can now use our search tools to filter out any items that are not RoHS compliant.
We can ensure that your components - from connectors to heat sinks to 1¢ screws - are compliant, so that your product will withstand the scrutiny of compliance enforcement activity.

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For more information, our RoHS prime contact is ready to assist you.

Michelle Irwin, BBA, CPP
Purchasing Manager


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