LANFRANCO’S unique slotted locknuts have been depended on to perform under the most severe service conditions for 35yrs.

Used extensively wherever critical joint failure due to extreme vibration would be catastrophic, or result in prohibitive downtime costs, Lanfranco nuts can be found in a wide variety of applications;

  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Rail / Transportation
  • Petrochemical
  • Wind Power
  • Industrial
  • Military (Certified NATO code F6386)

The all metal, single piece design is easy to install, reusable and will not seize or gall like tradition prevailing torque lock nuts.

In addition to its line of all metal locking nuts, Lanfranco also produces clinch type nuts, rivet style and channel nuts – all employing their proprietary locking design – as well as fully traceable and certified nylon insert locknuts.


Anti-Seize Solutions

ERM Type Locknuts

ESL Type Locknut

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J. Lanfranco

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