Founded in 1926 and still family owned, Heyco offers decades of experience in the design and manufacture of molded wire protection products and stamped electrical components to meet demanding customer application requirements. Heyco's 22,000 square foot climate controlled molded product manufacturing area features 25 state-of-the-art, 90-350 ton closed loop injection molding machines that employ the latest technology to monitor and control the molding process. Capabilities include custom colors, high temperature, and specialty materials in addition to nylon, ABS, and polycarbonate molding. Combined with centralized raw material conveying and desiccant drying systems designed to ensure consistently high quality, these machines are used to produce thousands of standard and custom products-liquid tight fittings, connectors, power outlets, strain reliefs, bushings, plugs. wire positioning, connecting, and terminating devices to meet virtually any wire protection need.


Heyco 90 deg clips

Heyco's SunRunner 90 Degree PV Cable Clips

Designed for landscape panel installations, three sizes accommodate up to four cables.


New Code Requires Pest Guards on PV Installations

Heyco SunScreener clips and mesh meet Canadian electrical code mandate for mechanical protection of PV conductors and cables in most rooftop installs.

New Heyco Solar Products

Hundreds of all-new Heyco solar products are included in the 2016 Heyco Sun Products Catalog.


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PV Components

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Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco Products, Inc.

Full Line Catalog
275 Pages

Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco Products, Inc.

Strain Relief Assembly Guide
8 Pages

Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco Sunproducts Catalog
80 Pages

Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco Products, Inc.

Heyco V-0 Nylon & Metal Liquid Tight Cordgrips
19 Pages

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