For over fifty years Keystone has been manufacturing a broad range precision electronic interconnect components and hardware to equipment manufacturers. Products include: Terminals, Plugs, Pins, Jacks, Sockets, Battery Holders, Mounting Brackets, Panel Hardware, Spacers, Standoffs, Fuse Clips, Kuse Holders, Terminal Boards, Instrumentation Handles, Test Points, LED Spacers and Transistor Hardware.


Colour-Coded Auto Blade Fuse Holders

3 in 1 Auto-type Blade Fuse Holders For Low Profile Mini, Mini, and Regular Fuses Available with Colour Coded Amperage reference.

Li-Ion 18650 Holders Include Polarized Versions

Keystone Electronics's holders available in SMT, through-hole and solder tab terminations and single and dual cell versions.

Ultra-Low Profile Retainers for 20mm Coin Cells

Keystone Electronics PCB mount coin cell retainers in surface-mount and thru-hole.

UL Recognized "Auto" Blade Fuse Holders

Compact 2-in-1 automotive blade fuse holders for Standard and Mini style fuses.


Keystone Electronics Corp.

Keystone Electronics Corp.

Interconnect Components & Hardware
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