Established in 1989, SunLED is a market leader in the design, development and manufacture of optoelectronic products . The extensive product line includes through hole and surface-mount Ultra Bright LEDs, Displays, Light Strips, Light Bars, Infrared LEDs, Circuit Board Indicators and High Power LEDs.

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World's Smallest SMD LED

SunLED's Nanopoint Series is available in seven colors plus white.

High Intensity Full Color Illumination

SunLED's RGB 4-leaded PLCC package for high-brightness, multi-color designs.

Inner Dome, Reverse-Mount LED

SunLED provides a true chip-type SMT LED, eliminating the typical yoke or "gull-wing" leads of traditional sub-miniature LEDs


SunLED Optoelectornics Components Catalogue 2021-2022.
60 pages [5.6mB]

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