New Code Requires Pest Guards on PV Installations
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New Code Requires Pest Guards on PV Installations

Heyco® SunScreener®Wire Mesh Clip & SunScreen™ Mesh

The latest Canadian Electrical Code now requires mechanical protection of PV conductors and cables in most rooftop installations.

IRWIN stocks Heyco SunScreener Clips and Mesh for protection and compliance.

  • Keeps Pests and Debris Away from Backs of PV Panels
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Ensures Latest Electrical Code Compliance for Wire Protection
  • No Roof or Module Penetration
  • No Special Tools
  • Coated Screen and Stainless Steel Clips for Maximum Outdoor Endurance
  • 20-year warranty
  • J Hook Clip Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Clips Installed After Mesh

In the Renewable Energy Systems section of the latest (23rd) edition of the Canadian Electrical Code (Part 1, C22.1-15), rule 64-210 (5) requires, where DC arc-fault protection is not located at the module, PV circuit conductors and cables installed on or above a building, must have mechanical protection against damage from rodents.

Heyco® offers rooftop PV systems protection from rodents, nesting birds, and debris with its wire mesh screen and clips. IRWIN Industrial is a master distributor of Heyco products.

Heyco SunScreen™ wire mesh is black, PVC-coated, galvanized, welded steel mesh. Mesh per inch is 2, or 1/2" x 1/2". This is sturdy, yet easy  to work with and to cut. This is definitely not "Chicken Wire". It comes in 100 ft rolls, and is 8" wide.  4" and 6" widths are available. The mesh is typically attached to the panel frame and is folded under, or out at the roof-line around the perimeter of the panel array. This fold stiffens the edge and creates tension at the roof-line to keep the mesh in-place and ensures that pests can't force open the base. The mesh is easily cut with snips (shears) or Linesman Pliers, and formed, as necessary, with the edge of panel frames, or even 2x4s.

Heyco SunScreener™ Wire Mesh Clips consist of a wide (1" diameter) washer (304 Stainless Steel) pre-assembled onto a J Hook (303 Stainless Steel). The assembly is 4.87" and can be hand-tensioned (with pliers securing the end of the J hook) to whatever length is required - excess can be trimmed or simply bent. The stainless steel offers the best mechanical continuity in tough outdoor environments, way beyond plastic or aluminum clips, or even galvanized steel. On long linear runs of mesh, one clip per 2-3 feet may be enough, but near corners or around other features, closer spacing will be necessary, so 50-75 clips per roll, average, would be the usual ratio. Clips are sold, pre-assembled, in boxes of 100. Unlike other systems, clips are installed as required after mesh, allowing additional points of security on the installation.


Heyco SunScreen Wire Mesh

*P/N S6468, 8" width, 100 ft roll...$99.00

*P/N S6466, 6" width, 100 ft roll...$79.00

Heyco SunScreener Wire Mesh Clips

*P/N S6437, Steel Gray Washer, 100 pc carton...$79.00

P/N S6438, Black Washer, 100 pc carton...$109.00

*Typically stocked at our Aurora, ON and Calgary, AB warehouses.

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