Widened Range of Nylon 12 Cable Ties
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Widened Range of Nylon 12 Cable Ties

Heyco® recently expanded its line of Nytye® Nylon 12 Cable Ties to include various lengths, widths, and tensile strengths to accommodate a variety of applications.

Lengths now range from 100mm (3.94") to 710mm (27.95") and tensile strength range from 80N (18lbs) to 534N (120lbs).


  • Smooth, radiused edges ensure that Nytyes won’t cut into the cable’s insulation–or the installer’s hand.
  • One-piece design reduces cost and installation time.
  • Nytyes feature a bent tip for ease of pickup and insertion around small bundles. V-shaped raised ridges on the tip provide a sure grip.
  • Nylon 12 cable ties are weather/UV resistant and suitable for high moisture, corrosive and low temperature indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Close, evenly spaced teeth permit fine adjustment–from 0.6mm (0.025") on the smallest Nytyes to 1.6mm (0.063") on the largest.
  • MS3367 and MIL-S-23190E compliant.

Heyco® Nytye® Nylon 12 Cable Ties Table

Standard color UV Black.

Nylon 12 UV Nytye® available in 100 packs. Add -P to Part No.; eg, 13342B-P.

Heyco® Nytye® Nylon 12 Cable Tie - Mechanical


Material Nylon 12 Weather Resistant

Flammability Rating UL94 HB

Temperature Range -40°C (-40°F) to 120°C (248°F)

Heyco® Cable Tie Tensioning Tool


Heyco® Cable Tie Tensioning Tool

Part No. 0998 (for Nylon) and 0996 (for Stainless Steel) fits all standard duty Nytyes. Manufactured with a sturdy metal housing, this hand tool has three tension settings and automatically trims excess.

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