American Bright EsyLED
AB-EZD Series Spec 12V
AB-EZD Series Spec 24V
AB-EZP Series Spec 12V
AB-EZP Series Spec 24V
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AC/DC Smart LEDs

American Bright's EzyLED™s are directly driven by wide-range AC and/or DC power sources while maintaining light output and colour temperature in both lighting and indication. The patented LED chip array is powered and protected by a proprietary linear IC which eliminates the requirement for external resistors, bridge rectifiers and current-regulating diodes while protecting the module from overheating through pulse-width modulation. Fewer components simply product design, reduce inventory and labour costs while increasing density, reliability and product life.

AmericanBright EzyLED Internal

Under-the-hood: proprietary linear IC & patented high-voltage LED-array die

Features and Benefits

  • Uses conventional 12V /24V AC (adapters) & DC (batteries, etc) voltage sources
  • EzyLED™s can be paralleled
  • Luminance colour temperature and CCT remain constant over wide voltage variations
  • Built-in rectification for non-polarized sources
  • Active thermal management
  • Wide Voltage input range: 12V (10.5 to 24V) 24V (22.5 to 36V)
  • Passed automotive RA tests

AmericanBright EzyLED™ 12V table

AmericanBright EzyLED™ 24V table

Current/voltage graphs for nominal 12V & 24V versions highlight automotive surge performance


  • Automotive: side marks, rear lamps, interior lighting
  • Indoor: Linear Lamps, down light, spotlight, advertising
  • Outdoor: Architectural and General lighting

American Bright EzyLED Comparison Table

EzyLED™ compared with low & high-voltage LEDs and tungsten bulbs

American Bright EzyLED D part numbers

AB-EZD part table

AB-EZP part table

AB-EZP part table

American Bright EzyLED Mechanical

EzyLED™ Mechanical

American Bright EzyLED PCB Layout

EzyLED™ PCB Layout

American Bright EzyLED for lighting applications

American Bright EzyLED™ for lighting applications

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