Industrial LCDs with Integrated On-Cell Touch Technology
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Industrial LCDs with Integrated On-Cell Touch Technology

On-Cell Touch (OCT) technology applies insulation sandwiched between electrode patterns directly to the top layer of the LCD. This eliminates the separate touch panel typical of conventional assemblies. This integration makes for a thinner display, but also eliminates interior optical reflections, improving visibility - brightness, intensity and viewing-angle, as well as simplifying system assembly.

The touch controller is part of the display's printed circuit board housed within the LCD's shielded metal case. This greatly reduces this impact of external electromagnet interference on the touch controller compared with traditional assemblies.

OCT technology does not require the additional assembly and test requirements of conventional separately-integrated touch panels on LCDs.

This technology is now in production on Kyocera's 7.0" WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) displays, with 12.1" WVGA units being introduced later this year. Both series incorporate Kyocera's advanced vide view technology, built-in LED backlight drivers and LVDS interface.

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