Fasteners for Rainscreen Exterior Wall-Cladding Systems
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Fasteners for Rainscreen Exterior Wall-Cladding Systems

EJOT rainscreen fasteners have been designed, manufactured and globally-proven.

They provide efficient installation and mechanical durability for fixing rainscreens, building envelopes and rear ventilated facades.

EJOT Rainscreen fasteners improve performance, appearance, and quality of installations. These fasteners cover all the solutions for all the applications.

The engineered concept
EJOT provides a package of products for the four specific applications in rainscreen installations.

We belive our range is second to none. With many years' experience and development, EJOT understands the requirements of fasteners and their applications on building envelopes.

All applications secured
EJOT’s range of masonry and insulation anchors are widely acknowledged as the best available. Over the past 30 years over 500,000,000m2 of external wall insulation has been installed using EJOT anchors. Not one single failure has been traced back to an EJOT fastener product. That corresponds to an area of over 7,000 international soccer pitches and this figure is increasing daily.

Reducing cost
Installation can account for up to 30% of the total cost of a rainscreen façade, therefore quick and efficient installation is imperative. However the paramount factor of any façade installation is safety. The selection of the right fasteners is critical for correct and safe assembly, and EJOT’s use of high grade materials, which result in minimal electrostatic oxidation and corrosion, ensures that structural longevity is assured.

  1. Substrate Anchors
    Fixing aluminum, galvanized steel or timber frame to concrete, concrete blockwork or brick.
  2. Frame fasteners
    Fixing aluminum, or steel to aluminum, steel and timber.
  3. Insulation anchors
    Fixing insulation to concrete, blockwork, brick, timber or steel.
  4. Fascia panel fasteners
    Fixing fascia panel to aluminum, steel or timber

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