Pullout & Pull Through Test Results
JF3 Pull Through Test
JF3 Pullout Test
JT3 & JF3 Bi-Metal Self Drilling Fasteners Brochure
Pullout & Pull Through Test Results

EJOFAST JF3 self-drilling fasteners utilize advanced fastening technology for fixing sheet metal to sheet metal quickly (30% faster than standard self-drilling screws) and cleanly (no swarf), while yielding a joint with demonstrably superior strength.

Manufactured from 304 (A2) grade austenitic stainless steel with a unique carbon pierce-point tip welded to the stainless-steel shank, JF3 fasteners utilize a buttress tread design to deliver high pullout strength. By displacing, instead of cutting, the sheet metal is forced forward creating more surface area for a tighter and stronger joint.

Attached are test result summaries illustrating the strength of EJOT’s JF3 in steel sheet metal, in both Pullout and Pull Through performance.

The sheet metal is ASTM A653/A653M Grade A G-90 Galvanized Steel in 24, 22, 18, and 16 gauge.

The test results were obtained under laboratory conditions in EJOT's Applitec Wixom, Michigan using a random sample of EJOT fastener part number JF3-5.5x35.  

EJOT's Applitec Test Facility

EJOT Building Fasteners Division is a global company group serving the construction and solar industry worldwide through over 30 subsidiaries on 5 continents and further sales offices and distribution partners.

EJOT Fastening Systems L.P. is based in Kenosha WI and offers a range of solar mounting solutions for all roof types with both wood or metal substructures and stocks the most extensive range of 304 stainless-steel bi-metal self-drilling fasteners for the construction industry in North America.

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