IRWIN Expands Service Offering and Facility
IRWIN Expands Service Offering and Facility

Irwin Industrial, a value-added distributor of parts for production, is enhancing its supply-chain solutions offering, adding key personnel, and expanding its headquarters in recognition of recent and planned growth.

IRWIN Intelligent Bin (I²B) systems automatically detect low individual-item inventory levels and instantly sends alerts, eliminating the need for counting trips, safety-stock, emergency orders, and line-down situations. The system was debuted at the Markham Eptech show March 1, 2018.

I²B is the newest offering of replenishment programs from IRWIN Industrial, who have been recognized as a leader in vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs to many of the largest and most sophisticated equipment manufacturers in Canada for decades. I²B provides supply-base consolidation opportunities to a broader range of applications in medium-sized organizations’ stock rooms, on the shop-floor, and at workstations.

I²B is part of IRWIN’s Smart Supply Solutions, spearheaded by Richard Michaud who has assessed, implemented, and managed dozens of replenishment programs at automotive, aerospace, and electronic equipment manufacturers. Richard joined IRWIN March 5, 2018, and has a wealth of experience in business development, technical sales, and product management, with a significant 17 years as director of materials management programs at Interfast Inc, in Toronto.

IRWIN Industrial is expanding its Aurora, ON headquarters 30%, by area, to accommodate its growth. The expansion will include demonstration and staging areas for Smart Supply Solutions, a franchised brand showroom, a work cell for value-added assembly and kitting, as well as increased warehouse area.

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