UL-Recognized Male Quick-Fit Terminals
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UL-Recognized Male Quick-Fit Terminals

Keystone offers perpendicular, 45 and 90-degree versions for mounting to surfaces – both circuit board and panels.

Circuit-board versions are available as surface-mount technology (SMT) as well as horizontal and vertical through-hole mount (THM) configurations. The space-saving design makes them ideal for use in dense areas and offers easy access for connecting and disconnecting cable-crimped quick-fit female terminals.  Keystone’s unique Sturdi-Mount style is designed with "fingers" to provide increased PCB mounting strength and stability by maintaining the terminal's perpendicularity to PCB during, and permanently, after wave soldering.

Rivet-mountable male quick fit terminals are also UL recognized.  These terminals permit design and mounting flexibility for boards, panels and chassis-mating environments.

Terminals are manufactured from brass and supplied with a tin plate. THM and rivet-mount versions are available in 0.110" (2.8mm), 0.187" (4.8mm), 0.205" (5.2mm) or 0.250" (6.4mm) tab sizes while a SMT version is offered in a 0.240" (6.1mm) tab in bulk or on tape and reel.

Keystone Quick-Fit terminals comply with Underwriters Laboratories Inc. component program, UL file number E201546. They meet the dimensional and functional requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association specification number NEMA2-1982-(1988) and UL310.

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