Long-Life Plastic Cable Tie
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Long-Life Plastic Cable Tie

Cable Ties in Special Materials

PVDF Cable Ties

The PVDF cable tie is rated for 25 year's performance outdoors. It provides some of the highest UV, chemical, and thermal resistance of any plastic resin. It functions just like our standard ties, simple and fast, streamlining installation and providing reliable performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from PVDF for high UV, chemical, and thermal resistance.
  • Inside serrations deliver secure hold on cable and wire bundles.
  • Head design provides high tensile strength with low insertion force.

 HellermannTyton PVDF Cable Tie Detail

HellermannTyton PVDF Cable Tie Material Table

HellermannTyton PVDF Cable Tie Mechanical Drawing

HellermannTyton PVDF Cable Tie Mechanical Table

Dimensions are approximate and subject to technical changes. Use Part No. for ordering and Type for specification purposes.

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