Thread protection for PEM® internally threaded fasteners
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PEM® PreTect™ Specsheet
Thread protection for PEM® internally threaded fasteners

PEM PreTect™ thread masking plugs reduce labor and protect threads from paint and powder coating processes. PreTect™ masking is available for self-clinching nuts and standoffs in a variety of thread sizes and materials.


  • Fasteners are shipped with plugs and film (where applicable) already in place.
  • Plugs and film easily removed with a fine tip tool by end user.
  • Plugs and film can withstand 482˚F/250˚C temperatures.
  • Fasteners can be installed using automated installation equipment. Tooling for standard PEM product may have to be adjusted for the PreTect™ product.

PEM PreTect Diagram

(1) Thru-hole type standoffs and nuts have a polyimide patch on the side opposite of the plug to protect threads during coating or painting. The area
under the polyimide patch will not get coated or painted.
(2) Temperature maximum: 482˚F / 250˚C.


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