PEM® GHOST™ Fastener
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PEM® GHOST™ Fastener

The PEM® GHOST™ fastener technology uses magnets to achieve a concealed lock with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged – ideal for security and sleek aesthetics.

PEM Ghost Fastener Shades

GHOST™ Fastening Technology is ideal for achieving tight security and sleek aesthetics. This PEM® capability produces a fully-concealed fastener with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged – and is completely customizable for many applications.

GHOST™ Fastening Technology At-a-Glance

  • Fully concealed fastener with magnetic release tool
  • Tool-less assembly, re-assembly
  • Near-instant release mechanism for disassembly
  • Ultra-smooth design enables sleek aesthetics
  • Fully captivated hardware
  • Tamper-resistant for security
  • Enables modular design
  • Fully customizable for many applications
  • Can replace most small external screw/nut assemblies

PEM Ghost Fastener

How the Technology Works

PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology utilizes a fully concealed, pinch-lock mechanism to create a secure lock with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged.

Using a magnetic release tool on the concealed fastener actuates the internal components, unlocking the pinch-lock grip and instantly releasing the pin from the fastener.

PEM Ghost Fastener Magnetic Release

Consider the Possibilities of PEM® GHOST™ Technology

From automotive interiors to access control systems, PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology is adaptable to many applications. Use it to easily assemble customized products, to enable flexible design, and more.

PEM Ghost Fastener Applications

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