10 mW AB-3535UC-C spec
15 mW AB-3535UC-B spec
2.5 mW AB-3535UC-D spec
40 mW AB-3535UC-A spec
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As the global demand for UVC LED technology in germicidal applications continues to gain forward momentum, American Bright has provided a new 3535 series ceramic package UVC LED to satisfy market requirements for intended applications. Advantages of this new UVC LED series include a slimmer design as well as a wider selection of power outputs to choose from.

American Bright UV Wavelengths

  • UV light can be separated into three categories based off of associated wavelength: UVA (310-400 nm), UVB (280-310 nm), and UVC (200-280 nm).
  • As seen above, the UVA range is closest to blue light on the spectrum, while UVC is furthest away, in the lower invisible portion of the light spectrum.

American Bright's 3535 Series UVC LEDs

This new product series from American Bright offers a broad assortment of power outputs to select: 2.5 mW to 40 mW

  • 3535 series ceramic packaging, with a slimmer design than the previous series.
  • Wavelength range: 270 nm - 280 nm
  • RoHS and REACH compliant product


American Bright UVC LEDs

  • 40 mW @ 350 mA


American Bright UVC LEDs

  • 15 mW @ 150 mA


American Bright UVC LEDs

  • 10 mW @ 100 mA


American Bright UVC LEDs

  • 2.5 mW @ 20 mA

Applications for UVC LEDs

With the need and desire for viral/bacterium disinfection without the use of harmful chemicals has grown, and that is where UVC LEDs come into play. UVC LEDs are used for germicidal applications due to the way UVC light interacts with the DNA/RNA of pathogens to stop growth. UVC LEDs have found their way into HVAC systems, industrial water treatment systems, schools, as well as a variety of medical applications. 

Water treatment

American Bright UVC LEDs

  • Home & RV water purifiers

HVAC systems

American Bright UVC LEDs

  • Air duct treatment


American Bright UVC LEDs

  • Surface/tool sterilization
  • Microbial reduction

Food Processing

American Bright UVC LEDs

  • Produce sterilization
  • Food-prep sanitation

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