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Automated Cordless Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton’s versatile CPK Hybrid is the industry’s first battery-powered, fully-automated cable tie application tool. An upgrade to their popular AT2000 CPK, the new hybrid power feature means it can be fueled by an 18V lithium-ion battery or plugged into a 120VAC electrical outlet, giving users a choice based upon their needs.

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool


  • On battery, there are no cords to route out of your way, no pneumatic hoses to restrict movement, just the convenience of an advanced cable tie application system designed to fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Bundle wire harnesses as long as the eye can see. And keep going. The CPK Hybrid can apply up to 8,000 ties on a single charge.
  • The fast-charging CAS 18V 2.0 Ah Li-Ion battery is compatible with a wide range of professional tools in the Metabo Cordless Alliance System.


When runtime is just as important as productivity, plug the CPK Hybrid into a standard 110VAC outlet and run it around the clock using 5,000-tie reels.

Attaching the CPK Hybrid to a dedicated desk mount is a good reason to operate it on electric power. And since the tool is at home in fully automated workflows, AC is the ideal power source when mounting it onto a stationary robot or cobot.

The CPK Hybrid excels in high-volume automatic bundling applications – especially where precision and repeatability are critical.

With an improved cycle speed of up to 92 cable ties per minute, it leaves the competition in the dust. Simply squeeze the trigger and, in less than seven-tenths of a second, the tool applies a cable tie and is ready to deliver another.

Whether used on battery or AC power, optional accessories bring even greater productivity to the workflow.

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton's Overhead Suspension CPK makes the tool virtually weightless, providing portability and control while reducing fatigue over extended periods.

Bench mount the system to increase bundling precision and reduce operator hand fatigue. A convenient foot pedal acts as the trigger.

Integrate the CPK Hybrid into a fully automated production line by using the Power Pack with Control Box. It is easily adaptable to robot and cobot applications.

Exclusive to the CPK Hybrid are two discreet drive motors. One motor delivers the tie, the other controls tension. Tension consistency is monitored in the included desktop software. This is especially useful when your customer requires verification that tension specs are being met. Production data and information can be analyzed on a PC to fine-tune processes.

An onboard TFT display is your window to production data, fault diagnostics and device control – in 19 languages.

The CPK Hybrid is designed to be an indispensable workhorse for most applications and assembly environments. It uses HellermannTyton’s 18-pound cable ties – 50-piece bandoliers or 5,000-piece reels – and fastens bundles up to eight-tenths of an inch in diameter.

For applications outside that specification, HellermannTyton offers the widest range of automatic cable tie tool systems, covering cable tie tensile strengths of 18, 30 and 50 pounds with bundle diameters between 1/16" to over 3".

CPK Hybrid Benefits at a Glance:

  • Top speed of 92 ties per minute – just 0.65 second per binding
  • Battery operation makes tool truly portable
  • Process up to 8,000 ties on a single charge
  • 5 tension and 3 quality settings
  • Bandoliers of 50 cable ties – reels of 5,000 ties
  • All process data accessible for evaluation
  • Can be integrated into fully automated scenarios
  • The robust case has space for an AC Power Pack, 3 batteries and charger

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool

HellermannTyton CPK Hybrid Cordless Cable Tie Tool


HellermannTyton’s CPK remains the class-leading choice for reliability, precision and consistency – and now you can add portability. You’d expect nothing less from the industry’s tool leader.




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