Pre-applied Products for Threaded Fasteners
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Pre-applied Products for Threaded Fasteners


3M has recently announced that one of their suppliers has declared force majeure and 3M has announced a discontinuation of the following products:

  • 3M™ Fastener Adhesive 2353B
  • 3M™ Fastener Adhesive 2353Y
  • 3M™ Fastener Adhesive 2510N
  • 3M™ Fastener Adhesive 2510R

Irwin offers ND Microshere equivalents for each. Download this pdf for details.

IRWIN offers innovative solutions from ND Industries for application to many of our threaded fasteners. Pre-applied materials increase fastener performance, reduce parts-count, speed assembly, extend product-life and ensure consistency.

ND Industry Pre Applied Product Overview

See more detail by clicking on the various links below to download pdf documents.


Inert Thread Locking

Also known as prevailing torque, this process uses a mechanical force to create a secure lock that is resistant to vibration, shock, and related slippage. The fastener can typically be removed and reused.


Reactive Thread Locking

Once installed into a mating part, a strong chemical bond is formed, preventing slippage from shock and vibration while helping to seal fastening points against gas and liquid leakage.


Masking & Lubricating

Formulated to ease the assembly process and to protect fastening parts against exposure to undesirable substances that can adhere to uncoated fasteners.


Advanced Sealing

ND pre-applied sealants are designed to withstand a wide range of pressures, chemical fluids and gases while reducing the chance of a fastener loosening.


Assembly Aids

Designed to make assembly safer, easier and faster by reducing application errors and worker fatigue.

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