Bi-Colour SMD LED
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Bi-Colour SMD LED

Introducing the Bi-Colour 0603 SMD LED, this series utilizes an industry standard 0603 package and incorporates SunLED’s super bright chip offerings to create a variety of bi-colour combinations. Each chip is independently controlled by having a dedicated anode/cathode for each color.

Boasting a wide viewing angle of 130° and water-clear lens, this series is excellent for any type of icon/text backlighting application. With a profile height of just 0.50mm, this package is also an exceptional choice for compact designs such as medical, IoT devices, and consumer wearables. A variety of colour combinations are readily available including unique options such as Blue/Green and Blue/Yellow.


Technical Features

  • Industry standard 0603 package: 1.6x0.8x0.5mm
  • Bi-colour configuration with several combinations
  • Independent control of each colour channel
  • Wide viewing angle: 130°

Product Applications

  • Medical and Healthcare Devices
  • IoT/Robotics
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Wearables

Available LEDs

[Click on part numbers to dowload full pdf specificatios]

Part Number; Colours; Wavelengths

XZCBDMDK53W-9; Blue / Red; 460nm / 645nm              

XZCBDMYK53W-9; Blue / Yellow; 460nm / 590nm 

XZCBDVG53W-9; Blue / Green; 460nm / 574nm                             

XZDGKMDK53W-9; Green / Red; 515nm / 645nm 

XZMGUR53W-9; Green / Red; 565nm / 627nm              

XZMYKMDK53W-9; Yellow / Red;  590nm / 645nm

XZVGMDK53W-9; Green / Red; 574nm / 645nm              

XZVGMYK53W-9; Green / Yellow; 574nm / 590nm

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