Ultra-Bright RGB SMD LEDs
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Ultra-Bright RGB SMD LEDs

Introducing the Ultra Bright RGB SMD LED Series, these three part numbers utilize the latest in technology by incorporating high intensity chips into top emitting and side emitting packages.

This series is excellent for outdoor usage as well as applications requiring high indication visibility.



  • Full colour (RGB)
  • High-intensity output
  • Top-emitting and side-emitting packages
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL): 3



  • Medical and healthcare devices
  • IoT
  • Robotics
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Warehouse & factrory automation


Click part numbers to download full pdf specifications.


SunLED Ultra-Bright SMD RGB LED

SunLED P/N XZM2ACRM2DGFBB110W: Top emitting RGB in a compact package size of 1.6x1.6x0.7mm.

SunLED Ultra-Bright SMD RGB LED

SunLED P/N XZFBBM2CRKM2DGZ157W: Side emitting RGB in a 6-pad design for independent control of each color channel. Features embedded Zener diodes for an increased ESD threshold.

SunLED Ultra-Bright SMD RGB LED

SunLED P/N XZM2CRKM2DGFBB45SCCB: Top emitting RGB in an industry standard PLCC4 package. Utilizes a common cathode configuration.

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