Memory-In-Pixel Displays
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Memory-In-Pixel Displays

Memory-in-pixel technology reduces LCD power consumption, while providing superior visibility even outdoors, and excellent image quality.

With a randomly accessed stored bit per pixel cell structure, each is addressed individually, refreshing only those pixels which need to be changed thereby reducing power requirements.

The extremely low power LCD cell structure design makes these displays excellent candidates for battery powered applications, such as wearable medical devices, wearable sports gear, Internet-of-Things products and other portable applications.

The KYOCERA MIP technology provides:

  • Ultra-Low Power in Static Mode
  • Low Power when Changing Images
  • Contrast Ratio > 24:1
  • Reflectance > 17%

Kyocera currently offers four models, and is introducing a new larger one this year.

Kyocera MIP Spec Table


The new model is 2.27". Samples available in Fall 2021, production is scheduled for Fall 2022.

Kyocera MIP Display New Model


Outline Dimensions: 48.50 x 41.65 mm

Active Area: 45.00 x 36.00 mm

Dot Pitch: 0.150 x 0.150 mm

Dot Format: 300 x 240 Dot

Display Mode: Normally Black

Kyocera's MIP Technology

Kyocera MIP Display


To expand the battery lifetime, all pixels include a SRAM memory. This results in a low power consumption for static image down to 5µW. By the power-saving pixel selection method, only the selected pixels are driven. Which is different from the conventional line selection method.

Kyocera MIP Display

Left: Line selection method: Power consumption based on the number of lines; Right: Pixel selection method: Power consumption based on the number of pixels

With Kyocera's MIP displays, the reflection layer is integrated inside. Therefore, the light needs only pass twice through a single polarizer vs passive displays where light passes a total of four times through polorizers.This is an advantage for readability in bright sunlight with outdoor usage.

Kyocera MIP Display

Left: Passive Display; Right: MIP Display

The technology allows new applications, like smart watches, healthcare devices, sub displays of DSLR or digital recorders.

Kyocera MIP MedicalKyocera MIP RecorderKyocera MIP Watch

Kyocera MIP Evaluation Kit Available

Kyocera MIP Development Kit

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