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Flexible LED Strips and Rope Lights

American Bright is the leader in high-quality flexible IP-rated rope and strip lights for indoor and outdoor applications. Offered in IP20, IP65, IP68, each light strip is available in variable lengths and colors. All American Bright LED rope lights can be customized to meet specific requirements.

American Bright RGB Addressable Rope LED
Addressable RGB LED Rope

Smart RGB+IC LED light source allows for a wide range of applications. The controller and RGB chip in one package allow each LED to be addressed individually. Additional adaptability is gained with waterproof coating options of IP20, IP65 and IP68. RGB+IC addressable UL-listed solutions include both rope and strip lights. Select from either 5V DC, 12V DC or 24V DC. Addressable LEDs have a wide viewing angle of 120°/90° which enhances the richness and colorful view that RGB LEDs provide. Operating temperature extends from -20°C to +80°C.

American Bright General Strip Lighting
General Indoor LED Lighting

American Bright has introduced a new option to its comprehensive line of flexible rope lighting with the AB-FH series of 5mm diffused side-emitting light. Its sleek profile and IP68 rating makes adding light to almost any indoor and outdoor application now possible. The 12V DC or 24V DC offer color options of white (warm, neutral or cool), green, blue, red, amber, RGB or RGB+IC. UL-listed, 12V DC lengths from .98 up to 197 inches. 24V DC lengths from 1.97 inches up to 394 inches. Lead length on both voltage options is12 inches. Operating temperature is -20°C to 80°C and the silicon flexible housing material will not yellow due to UV exposure.

Horticultural Weatherproof LED Lighting
Horticultural Wartherproof LED Lighting

American Bright is the first to market an efficient indoor and outdoor flexible IP68 weatherproof horticulture lighting solution. With variable length options in DC your greenhouse can deliver high efficiency in both vertical and horizontal applications. Flexible Horticulture DC LED Rope light built with customized LEDs, delivering the perfect wavelength spectrum for different stages of plant growth. Available in 24V DC, 98ft DC Max Length with a 110° angle for uniform light distribution.

Flexible Outdoor LED Strip Lighting
Flexible Outdoor LED Strip Lighting

Key Markets

  • Architectural Interior
  • Mobile Interior
  • Gaming Machines
  • Agriculture
  • Marine
  • Aircraft Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Entertainment lighting

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